The Weather!

The weather is one of the most interesting parts of life. What makes it interesting is the fact that it keeps changing depending on the different geographical location, time of the year and the continent. It is because of this changes that the characteristics of weather such as the wind, sunshine, and temperatures vary from time to time.


The 10 interesting things about the weather include;


1. Clouds and the different types of clouds


There are four main categories of clouds. Clouds are usually formed when water vapor from the earth’s surface condenses upon reaching cool air. They include stratus, cumulus, cirrus or nimbus. These four can further be divided into other sub-division. The different types of clouds can be significant in helping to predict the weather.


2. Windiest place on earth


Commonwealth Bay in Antarctica is the place that was recorded as the windiest place on earth. It was recorded as having a wind speed of 200mph. It is important to not, however, that the wind speed might also be very high in circumstances such as when there is a tornado.


3. Highest temperatures


Temperature is one of the characteristics of weather that changes from one place to the other. Consequently, different geographical regions have different average temperatures. The highest temperature ever recorded was in Al’Aziziyah Libya with 58c (136F) in 1922.


4. Lowest Temperature


The lowest temperature that has ever been recorded on earth was -89.2 C at Vostok station, Antarctica in July 21, 1983.


5. Rainfall


The highest rainfall ever recorded within twenty four hours was 182.5 centimeters in La Reunion, a French island. However, within the period of one year, the highest rainfall in the world was in Cherrapunji India with 25.4 meters.


The fastest raindrop can fall at a speed of 18mph.


6. Lightning


Lighting can travel at a speed of up to 136, 000 mph. At that speed, the bolt of lightning can be hotter than the surface of the sun with temperatures of 30, 000 C. It has been reported that 9 out of 10 of these bolts of lightning usually hit on earth. Ball lightning, experienced during storms, moves much slower but is larger than the normal lightning with a diameter of 8 feet.


7. Thunderstorms


There are 1,800 thunderstorms happening on the earth’s atmosphere at any every day. They are usually characterized by lightning and thunder. In the USA alone there are over 100, 000 thunderstorms every year. The intensity of the storms usually vary with others being more dangerous that the others.


8. Snow and Ice


If all the ice present in Antarctica melted, it would result in the ocean levels rising by approximately 220 feet. This is because 98 % of Antarctica is covered by Ice which are averagely 1.9 kilometers thick. Snow is usually common over winter. The highest snowfall that has been recorded so far within a year was in Mountain Rainier, Washington at 31.1 meters.


9. Tornadoes


Tornadoes are more common in the USA than in any other country in the world. They are more common in Texas, Oklahoma, Florida and Kansas. Their strength is usually measure by an instrument called Fujita Scale. They can last for about 15 minutes.


10. Hurricanes


Hurricanes can leave 6 feet of rain across a region where it happens. Hurricanes are usually divided into categories ranging from category 1 to 5 with 5 being the most severe.


To conclude, there are so many interesting facts about the weather that you will get to learn about as times goes by.





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