Interesting Things About Candy

likes candy, and as an occasional treat, it’s fun and harmless. But when people
eat candy daily, it’s no longer a treat and takes the place of healthy foods.
What’s worse? Candy has no nutritional value. Here are 10 interesting things
about candy.

Candies exist in different types.

candies include hard sweets, caramel, and marshmallows, whoever principal
ingredient is sugars. Sugar candies are labeled depending on the amount of
sugar they contain.

of Candies.

the 1900s, candy was usually sold unwrapped, but then unwrapped candies were
criticized because of the dirt and germs they can attract. With time a wax
paper became popular for wrapping, and foil and cellophane were also slowly
becoming popular. In the 1940s, most candies used to be homemade. During the
1950s some individually wrapped candies started to become familiar. By the
1970s, factory-sealed packaging with the brand name printed on it became

Are Candies Made-

is made from sugar by dissolving it in water or milk to prepare the syrup. The
syrup is boiled for a long time so that it starts solidifying and they are
poured into molds. Candy comes in various textures, like soft, hard and gel
type. The taste of the candies depends primarily on the ingredients and the
temperatures at which it has been processed. Most of the candies are prepared
commercially. It is challenging to duplicate taste and texture of candies
correctly. Even small differences in the machinery, temperature, and timing can
cause great differences in the final product.

Packaging Facts

prevents loss of aroma and flavor. Wax newspaper is useful for sealing it
against air, moisture, dust, and germs, whereas cellophane can be used in
packing because it is transparent and defends candies from grease and moisture.
Moreover, it is resalable. Polyethylene can be used to make bags equally
product packaging. Packages are sealed with the adhesive created from tapioca,
potato or wheat. The label helps market the merchandise as it is convenient to
print names on bags. Branding is straightforward by advertising the name
printed on wraps.


life for candies is referred to as the period for which they can be stored
without losing their original taste. For its high sugar concentration, bacteria’s
won’t grow in goodies. Consequently, the shelf life is longer than any food
products. Candies can be safely stored at room temperature for an extended
period. It is said that properly stored Hard chocolate may last indefinitely.

richer the milk, the better will be the candy.

is the secret in obtaining a particular flavor and consistency of candies.
Always remember to choose delicious milk to achieve a good if not best tasting
candy. But skim milk is accepted though it depends on how much of it will you
use to achieve that richness needed. If you have enough expenses, you can use
the cream as it usually brings about the most delicious type of candy.

Use cocoa or chocolate for coating.

chocolate is considerably preferred because it has richer and deeper flavor
than cocoa, you can use any of the two for coating. Some would also use crystallized
fruits or flowers. All of which are both suitable for coating and flavor.

colorings to attract and inform.

colorings are not just used for the sake of art. It is a strategic marketing
move. A particular candy color often symbolizes the candy’s flavor, and most
importantly it entices clients to buy them right away.

do we eat Candy?

is good just about any time. But people eat more of it than usual at certain
times of the year.

has a high glycemic load, which means that it causes a spike in blood sugar. It
is well known to people with diabetes, who often carry candy to counter blood
sugar drops. These blood sugar spikes and drops of blood sugar can lead to
insulin resistance, a precursor to Type II Diabetes.

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Interesting Things About Coffee

Coffee is a drink consumed by billions of people worldwide from housewives to a roofing contractor. In fact, some people can’t live without it as they’ve been addicted. In this article, I will share some interesting facts about this wonder beverage that are worthy to know.

1. Every year, over 500 billion coffee cups are drunk. This is a lot of coffee. Half of these cups are consumed during breakfast.

2. Do you know that coffee grows on trees? Yes, coffee trees can grow up to thirty feet tall. However, the coffee farmers prune them down to about 10 feet to make picking easy. Also, the coffee bean is not that bright red berry you see – it’s the seed inside! The beans are often called cherries.

3. Do you know where the phrase, “Cup of Joe” came from? It comes from G1 Joes, American servicemen in WWII which seemed to like coffee. Additionally, the word, “Americano” also is derived from the American GI’s during WWII who would order espresso together with water to dilute the strong coffee flavor.

4. Coffee is the 2nd most traded commodity in the world. This seems unbelievable, but it’s the truth. It follows oil which is the most traded commodity.

5. Do you know that coffee is a source of fuel? Yes, you can use it to fuel a car although it’s not very efficient. So today you’ve known than coffee does not only fuel our bodies but also can fuel cars.

6. All the coffee in the world is grown in the Bean Belt. This is the area between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. And the only state that grows coffee in the US is Hawaii.

7. Do you know that espresso is not a coffee bean? When you hear this word, do not assume that it’s a type of coffee bean as it refers to a drink. To be more specific, it’s a way of coffee preparation which usually involves hot pressurized water shot through finely ground coffee.

8. Do you know what makes coffee so popular? It’s actually to the rise of Islam. The religion would prohibit its followers from consuming alcohol, but it approved coffee consumption.

9. Are you eager to know what or who discovered coffee? It’s a goat! According to an Ethiopian legend known as Kaldi, his goats would become more energetic after consuming coffee tree cherries. So he decided to prove with his own body by consuming the cherries and to his surprise, he experienced the same feeling! What a discovery! Although some people refute this claim, many people still believe it.

10. Lastly, coffee is a drug. Yes, when you take an excess of it, it can be toxic. When you take about 100 cups of coffee, you will be sending yourself to a grave. In fact, the water in such amount of coffee would be enough to kill you even before the caffeine itself. Additionally, any amount of coffee has enough caffeine to make somebody sick, that is if he or she is not used to it. Caffeine would bring about raised body temperature, mood swings, and palpitations.

There are many facts about coffee and the above are some of them. I hope you’ve learned something knew from them.





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Things about the Everyday

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